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    Darren Wilson Not Indicted for the Death of Michael Brown

    A  Missouri grand jury has decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown. The decision, though controversial, is not a surprise for those who have been paying close attention to the case since Brown was first shot on August 9. Officer Wilson, 28, shot and killed Brown in the midst…

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    Indictment Decision To Be Announced #Ferguson

    Both protest leaders and news organizations are stating that the indictment decision has been made concerning the murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson: Announcement tonight. Keep Ferguson and STL lifted please. — BrownBlaze (@brownblaze) November 24, 2014 According to CBS St. Louis affiliate KMOX, a press conference has allegedly been set…

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    #TWIBprime #587 | Bigotry Gives You Wings

    Infinite Energy Source. #TeamBlackness gets a live update on the weekend of resistance in Ferguson, discusses a problematic gender equality ad, and why is apologizing so difficult. Featuring: Aaron Rand Freeman @ansfreeman Elon James White @elonjames Imani Gandy @angryblacklady Want to support TWiB? Shop at Amazon using this link: - Buy what you would normally buy and TWIB gets MONEY! Want…

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    #TWIBprime #584 | Two Sides of St. Louis

    History Repeating Itself. #TeamBlackness discusses candy heroin days, an Alabama law appointing lawyers for fetuses, and the Mike Brown murder still resonates. Featuring: Aaron Rand Freeman @ansfreeman Elon James White @elonjames Imani Gandy @angryblacklady Want to support TWiB? Shop at Amazon using this link: - Buy what you would normally buy and TWIB gets MONEY! Want more @TWIBprime:  SUBSCRIBE: iTunes |Stitcher| RSS Feed FOLLOW: Facebook |Twitter|[DONATE]


  • Why We Ain’t Free: Russell Simmons Promotes Tubman Sex Tape Spoof

    This video is real. You’re looking at what is supposed to be a funny spoof about how Harriet Tubman blackmailed her “massa.” You’re supposed to laugh because it shows that she took the power and got the upper hand. Isn’t this hilarious? What? You’re not laughing? I’m not either. Humor is above all else subjective….

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  • Holy Crap That’s Racist: “Asian Girlz”

    I’ll admit it. I’m fairly cynical. Rarely am I shocked by some dumbass comment/action/anything really. But watching the video above caused me to scream out loud “whoa!” I wasn’t prepared for the amount of racist stereotypes that were going to be thrown at my face at once. Watching this video is like a shotgun of…

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  • #TWiBradio: Alex Jones is Laughable…INTERNATIONALLY

    “Friend of the Show” Alex Jones had the honor to cross the pond to discuss some of his, er, “theories” on BBC’s Sunday Politics. Jones brought the best of his facts and facts and more facts and was met with…well. Just watch the video. #TeamBlackness watches and discusses the magic that is Alex Jones. Listen…

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  • WORLD PREMIERE: #10FriskCommandments REMIX | #10FriskRemix

    Artists, activists, politicians and everyday people lend their virtual voices and join TWiB! to speak against Stop & Frisk in the #10FriskCommandments Remix. Brooklyn, NY–In an effort to speak out against the continued harassment policy of people of color  by police officers known in New York City as Stop and Frisk, Elon James White, Editor-in-chief at This…

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  • Your Friday Clash Song: Cold Water In The Face …

    The Clash’s first foray into hip-hop, “The Magnificent Seven,” was recorded live on the Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder in 1981. Originally on Sandinista! (1980), the official Clash website explains: In April 1980, The Clash booked into a New York studio without any new songs to record. But inspired by the city’s exciting new rap scene,…

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  • Your Friday Clash Song: For He Who Will Die Is He Who Will Kill …

    Apropos of a recent post on my regular blog on the “war on terror,” “The Call Up,” from Sandinista! (1980), the Clash’s funk-inspired antiwar anthem: All the young people down the ages They gladly marched off to die Proud city fathers used to watch them Tears in their eyes … According to Wikipedia: With the…

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  • Songs For My Brother

    My brother Tom would have turned 55 on May 1st if cancer hadn’t stolen his life a few years back. Lung cancer, man: that’s some awful shit. He was just 51 … the same age I am, as of a few days ago. Tom was a great guitar player and a pretty good singer, too….

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  • Stronger Gun Laws Ad: What do you think?

    After our broadcast of TWiB! Radio yesterday, our head engineer Aaron Rand Freeman sent me the above video. His tone was confusing because it wasn’t clear if the video was awesome or terrible or twerktastic. He seemed genuinely flummoxed.  After watching this myself I don’t know how I feel about it myself. On one hand, I…

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