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#TeamBlackness discusses the New Yorker’s interview with Bill Cosy’s victims, the #TheEmptyChair hashtag, and the disappointing attacks on rape victims.

Featuring Elon James White @elonJames Imani Gandy @angryblacklady Emily Epstein White @emeps Aaron Rand Freeman @ansfreeman

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1 Comment on "#TWiBprime #720 | #TheEmptyChair"

  1. Elon,

    If you want to “cape” for women, that is entirely your right. In inveighing against the sinful ways of people..in this case, people who are men who rape women, it’s a fruitful endeavor.

    The degree of which one internalizes the dismay over such things.. which can be tantamount to public polarization on the airwaves…not that might be considered a tad troubling.

    There are more than a few black men in the bloggersphere / podcast sphere who are clearly manginas and who pedestalize even the most unclean and wayward women in our midst, in fact most of the brothers do this, and it’s egregiously bad.

    But rape is an act of violence, and should be called out for it’s pathology and sin.

    For me, such as myself who object to the untoward and ungodly gynocentrism and feminism that is contributing the decline of the American family, I still can’t stand rape. I’ll put a bullet in your head if you touch one of mine.

    But I also share the same amount of contempt for adulterers, gossips, white supremacists, pedophiles, thieves, slutes, and diverse other unsanctified brutish behavior in our society.

    As far is misogyny is concerned, I bristle and call bullshit on it whenever I see it written or spoken. With as much misandry that permeates our society, I’m not trying to hear it.

    The MASCULINE, GODLY men that I know don’t hate women, or white people or anyone else. We hate SIN. And everyone does it. I haven’t heard ANYONE call Bill Cosby’s behavior ‘sinful’ and ‘reprobate’, especially black people. It’s because black people have become moral relativists, and apologists for everything but the goodness of the god that is responsible for our sole survival in this dismal, godless country called America.

    As if ANY of the progress that we’ve made was done because of the persuasiveness of our “leaders” and the charity of so-called white Christians (actually CHURCHIANS) in this mug.

    I typically advise and avoid any talk about “god” in contexts like this since conceptually it’s uniformly rejected, but I felt like tossing that out.

    Rape = sin/evil. It’s NOT misogyny, woman-hating or any other such mess. Just like promiscuity = sin/evil, abortion = sin/evil, sexual harassment = sin/evil, white supremacy = sin/evil.

    Call a sin a sin and an evil and an evil, and don’t discriminate about who is or is doing what…is what I say.

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