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#TeamBlackness EXPOSED! TWIB Media’s biggest secrets REVEALED!

Featuring: Aaron Rand Freeman @ansfreeman Elon James White @elonjames Imani Gandy @angryblacklady

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TWIB.FM is the official broadcast network of This Week in Blackness. Featuring the award winning and critically acclaimed TWiB! Prime, Historical Blackness and more, TWIB.FM is the premiere network for Black Podcasts/Radio Series.

2 Comments on "#TWIBprime #670 | Big Jewish PR Org"

  1. Dear TWIB!!
    Thank you for bringing new levels of tomfoolery with that crazy white guy from Saudi Arabia. God damn that was a trifecta of weird and lunacy. Oh, that was magical, I lost my breath from laughter.

    Black people, corporate control, federal reserve, White Genocide, The Jews!!? If you gonna bring the racism – bring to level 10 dammit!! When I started in corporate IT about 12 years, I used to work for a web hosting company that stored the Storm Watch mail server and message board. Yeah, those guys.

    And Imani – yeah, you have to drive through Inglewood & Hawthorne to from LAX, not Compton. But, frankly, a man this stupid…uh..I mean “educated” probably hasn’t mastered basic geography. Also, one black person looks the Same as the other to this fool. By the way, “Hey Nigger what you doin’?”

    Again, thank you for bring this ignorant white man to my life – I needed a good laugh after a long morning at work.

    – Cappa

  2. Hey sorry for being a fan i know i’m not your key demographic being a white woman. But i love you guy’s all the same. Oh and being white is what makes me educated not my education. DUH hehehehehe!

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