Thank you. We were really running out of F**KS to give and you just made it all right.

If you ordered a F**ks+ package (w/ T-shirt, Mug, etc) expect your delivery in 10-14 days. And make sure to to instagram/Facebook/Tweet out the pic on the #TWIBnation hashtag so we know you’re rocking your new merch!

5 Comments on "SUCCESS!"

  1. Thanks for allowing me to give a fuck. I had a pocket full. Can’t wait to get my tote.

  2. Ratchet Ass Scientist | April 23, 2015 at 7:07 am | Reply

    I can see that I need to put a line for fucks in my monthly budget.

  3. I had a bucket of fucks I could spare this month. Use them in good health.

  4. *Bundle* of Fucks!
    I meant *Bundle*!!
    (I wish I could give a Bucket. I can donate my Twitter Account, though! And knit you and Emily some nice fingerless gloves!)

  5. I give a bundle of fucks about you having your cameras stolen in Phoenix.

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