Black Lives Matters Stands With Protestors In Seattle


An article and petition claiming that the #BlackLivesMatter movement condemned the Seattle activists who disrupted a Bernie Sanders campaign event last week have been debunked by BLM founders. Activists Marissa Jenae Johnson and Mara Willaford took the stage during a Bernie Sanders rally which fell on the first anniversary of the murder of Mike Brown. During the disruption Johnson made references to the BLM movement along with a number of statements about the state of being a person of color in America. The disruption ended with four and a half minutes of silence in memoriam for the four and a half hours Michael Brown’s body laid in the street after his murder.  During the course of the disruption Sanders supporters grew irate with Johnson and Willaford, some shouting for them to be arrested or even tasered.

It was later reported by Politics USA that Johnson and Willaford along with their group, Outside Agitators 206, were in fact not official members of the BLM movement and that the heads of BLM were demanding an apology. Furthermore, it was reported by Politics USA that BLM had circulated a petition amongst their supporters to further pressure the group into apologizing. While OA 206 are not officially recognized by BLM (a claim OA 206 has not made) the official BLM organization led by one of the founders Patrisse Marie Cullors-Brignac have come out in support of Johnson and Willaford and have stated that any call for the duo or their organization to apologize has not come from them.

Cullors-Brignac released a statement via Facebook supporting the disruption and quelling talk of BLM seeking an apology for Johnson and Willaford’s actions.



Cullors-Brignac also took a  screen shot of  a text message exchange with an unidentified person.




As of the writing of this article, Politics USA has neither amended nor taken down their erroneous statement.

The Seattle disruption comes on the heels of the Netroots Nation action which saw a large number of BLM supporters disrupt the event’s presidential town hall at which presidential nominees Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders were scheduled to be interviewed. The disruption and discourse with both nominees solidified the BLM movement as a major talking point for almost all of the presidential hopefuls, but especially those on the Democratic side.

Marissa Jenae Johnson sat down for an interview with  TWiB! Prime to discuss the disruption as well as some of the misinformation being spread about the action.

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  1. I find it interesting they seem to only do this to the democratic hopefuls- is this because they know the GOP will have them arrested, or worse?

  2. BLM is an anti-semitic hate group bent on bringing down any jewish politican they can get their claws into. F**k BLM

  3. No One of Consequence | August 12, 2015 at 8:44 am | Reply

    I am saddened by this. For all parties involved. I am of the opinion that no good came of this, and that an opportunity was missed. Colleagues and acquaintances were largely put off by the protest move, and a good cause was/is being derailed by it. In our current climate of too-much-news-too-much-of-the-time, BLM is being written off, and devalued by the very people most inclined to listen, sympathize and organize with them. This is not playing out the way I expect, that it was intended. By my experience, the protests are having a negative effect on their cause, which I believe will further alienate otherwise like-minded people, and not result in the garnering of additional support. Pity that.

    • I agree, NOOC. I’m predisposed to value the BLM movement and what they’re fighting for, but if the organization countenances what those two protesters did in Seattle at Bernie Sanders’ event, then they are only sullying themselves. Not to mention the fact that Bernie’s been fighting this fight since before either of those two protesters were even born. They don’t seem to know anything about Sanders or his history. A real shame…

      • Elon James White | August 18, 2015 at 9:06 am | Reply

        Just so I’m clear. You’re valuing Sander’s over the 2 Black Women who can die in the street at anytime right now and are standing up even as they are smeared through media? Heh. Okay.

  4. Rhonda Lee Richoux | August 12, 2015 at 7:47 pm | Reply

    I can only respond to this as a brown woman who gets a white pass in most states (except Northern Arizona where they mistook my Filipino ass as a Native). I’m very proud of these young women. They are doing a very good service to white progressives by exposing their white fragility, which is often the last layer of racism that must be stripped before the chains of our childhood indoctrinations can be broken. I grew up during the Civil Rights Movement, so I learned where my hidden prejudices lay by LISTENING to black people, and reading everything I could, and by having conversations on the streets with the Black Panther Party (who were gracious and patient with this skinny brown teenager). White people NEED TO BE CONFRONTED. The Civil Rights Movement taught me that, and I hope that this generation, through the BLM movement, understand that. Whites aren’t going to give you anything. You have to take it from them. God bless and protect those WARRIOR WOMEN!

  5. BLM is having a direct effect on policy platforms by the democratic presidential hopefuls. We are getting tired of the comments about how we need to appease whites in order to get anything done. If we confront issues, we are being too angry, if we continue to follow blindly behind ‘liberal’ allies, our issues continue to be swept under a rug. When we agitate, it is looked at as alienating ourselves from sympathizers. Do you honestly believe everything we do or fight for have to be done on the terms that make whites feel most comfortable?

  6. Unfortunately, we end up looking like loud, blundering monkeys in the process… I really wish we could be “real G’s” and move in silence by building our communities and businesses under the radar and then own something of our own. Instead we take the example of our bitter/angry mothers and sisters and loudly protest at the ills of society without first taking responsibility for our own people and actions. I hope they made this much noise for the little girl in Ferguson who was killed by the very thugs they defended… We need to stop defending thugs and start snitching on those idiots, then we need to start defending our innocent and decent brothers and sisters. The only black lives that should matter are those of the innocent and those who help move our people toward a positive future. The lives of the black thugs who destroy our communities don’t matter to me. We need to exterminate the sick ones in our group and repopulate with law-abiding, child-raising, responsible black adults so our black children can grow and do the same (have kids after they’re actually capable of raising and feeding them without government aid.)

    • “Instead we take the example of our bitter/angry mothers and sisters and loudly protest at the ills of society without first taking responsibility for our own people and actions.”
      Why are our mothers and sisters bitter/angry?
      “We need to stop defending thugs and start snitching on those idiots’ ‘The lives of the black thugs who destroy our communities don’t matter to me.’ YOU need to embrace more than negativity about BLACKNESS because from your comments, it is evident that you have self hatred. White people do not make comments like this about their own when they are shooting up movie theatres and elementary schools.
      If those niggas just be law-abiding, child-raising, responsible black adults… then X . Listen, if we got rid of all the problematic Black folks, that is not going to stop police brutality and killing of innocent people.
      This is a slave mindset, DarkThought and you are seething with self hatred.

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