Baltimore Mom Smacks Rioting Son, Becomes Symbol Of Good Parenting For BPD


Video of the mother of a teenage protester in Baltimore scolding and smacking her son, now identified as Toya Graham, has made waves across both social media and mainstream news. The video comes after the Baltimore Police Department requested that parents get their children away from the protests and take them home.

Since the video first aired on ABC Baltimore affiliate WMAR the mother’s actions have been praised by BPD Commissioner Anthony Batts as well as some of those in the media. “I wish I had more parents who took charge of their kids tonight,” Batts said, according to CBS Baltimore 

Kyle Smith of the New York Post writes “The Mom of the Year award must go to the Baltimore woman captured on amateur video yesterday who responded to the mayhem in the streets — as embodied by the young man who one supposes must be her son — like a parenting superhero.” Many on social media also showed support for the unnamed mother, giving kudos and praising her actions with the hashtag #momoftheyear trending on Twitter. 


 We need more Moms like here who take control of their kids. #BaltimoreRiots #momoftheyear — yvette nicole (@elle805) April 28, 2015

Despite the rounds of applause there were also those who questioned both the mother’s actions as well as how they are being framed.


Toya Graham explains her actions in an interview with CBS news.


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