A Peaceful Start to the Weekend of Resistance


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ST. LOUIS (TWiB!) — After yesterday’s demonstrations ended with a clash between St. Louis police and protesters, today’s march has gotten off to a peaceful start. Protesters marched in the rain on the way to the St. Louis County Justice Center with chants like “God Bless Michael Brown” and “No justice no peace.” St. Louis police stood quietly outside the Justice Center behind police tape as the diverse crowd continued chanting.

Today marks the beginning of the Weekend of Resistance, which has brought people from across the country to St. Louis in protest against police discrimination and violence against black and Latino populations. The Weekend of Resistance has taken on additional meaning with the death of Vonderitt Myers Jr., a St. Louis teen who was fatally shot by local police on Wednesday night. According to witnesses, Vonderitt was unarmed and holding a sandwich at the time of the shooting.

Further protests are planned for later tonight at multiple locations.


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