It was a long day for #TWiBnation, as we left Oakland at 6:00 AM to travel to Baltimore.

When we arrived we found out about a 5:45 PM protest happening at Penn Station so we rushed through the airport, ready to head into the city and figure out where all of the action was taking place.


Elon rushed out to join the protest march that started out from Penn Station to City Hall and back. The crowd was organized and peaceful; a diverse collection of college-age kids, community members, and the omnipresent white man drumming took over the streets. There were signs of support from the community.


6:42pm #BaltimoreUprising #BaltimoreDispatch

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#BaltimoreDispatch #BaltimoreUprising 6:58pm

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#BaltimoreUprising #BaltimoreDispatch 7:03pm

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Later in the evening we headed down to the corner of Penn & North to a small gathering of people surrounded by a massive police and media presence. There were some testimonials by community members and the small crowd of people had mostly cleared out by the time of curfew. US Rep. Elijah Cummings and Maryland State Senator Catherine Pugh walked the intersection surrounded by a sea of media encouraging the few stragglers to head home as well. By around 10:30 PM the media and police presence were still prevalent, but there were no protestors and we decided to pack it in for the night.


corner of North and Penn. #baltimoreuprising

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Reverend calling for people to go home. It’s tense. #baltimoreuprising

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On the way back to where we were staying, the streets were empty; We did not fully comprehend the scope of the curfew. We wanted to grab a drink to unwind after traveling and being on the streets but the city was a ghost town. Signs in business windows stated that they were closed by police. When we got back to where we were staying we saw a Black couple who were out on their stoop and started to speak with them their feelings about what was happening in Baltimore.






Soon their White neighbor comes out and joins the conversation. They all have pretty diverse opinions about what is happening. All three have stories about police overreach and talk about being dissatisfied by the city, and the mayor in general. Surprisingly, the White neighbor, who is originally from Texas, has more stories of police violence than the native Black couple.










After an insightful and illuminating two-hour conversation with the local neighbors, we packed it in. We’re ready to start this all over again. I hope that we get to have more personal conversations with the residents of this city.

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