ICYMI, Baltimore Raven Ray Rice was released by the NFL following discovery of a violent beating of his then-fiance, now wife and dragging of her unconscious body. And this fella dressed up as him for Halloween.

What is wrong with people? Okay, no–don’t answer that. I’m well aware that it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round and we all have different taste levels and moral compass settings and comedic sensibilities and backgrounds and life experiences and intelligence levels and so on, but sometimes I just have to wonder what the hell someone is thinking. So many things make me cock my head in exasperated wonderment, and if we can possibly find justification to set aside those with genuine psychopathy or sociopathy at work in their brains, we’re left with people like this assclown who dressed up as Ray Rice for a Halloween party.

I don’t have much experience with Reddit, because I tend to hear of the site in conjunction with certain males exhibiting certain behaviors that are sexist, racist, threatening, insulting, stalking, or otherwise trollish. #NotAllMen on Reddit, of course. But some Redditers have, which is what first made me aware of the site. To those ranks, we can now add Reddit user AL0311 , who posted this picture on Sunday saying “My friend came to the party as Ray Rice.”

TWiBRice1Pic via Reddit and the breakdown of civilized society.

I wish there were a way to communicate how despicable this is without posting these pictures again. In matters of hideousness such as this, I often find myself in a quandary as to whether to completely ignore it and not fuel the fires of grossness with more attention, use my platform to quickly have my say in an unquestionably disapproving manner, or go ahead and put the mess on the SummerJam stage in all its glory. I just sat at my laptop and wrote out a detailed description of the images in an effort to avoid reposting them, but in this case, I’m choosing to go ahead and share.

I’m certain that this as-yet-unidentified asshole will not be the only person to wear this costume this year, but he was the first that we became aware of online. I could disparage his looks or the party itself—what strain of loser has a Halloween costume party on October 18 or 19? And did we clock the background? It doesn’t exactly look like a major bash. But no, there’s no need for that.

I’ll merely question what manner of degenerate shitbag thinks it’s even remotely acceptable to dress up as a man who knocked his significant other unconscious, in the midst of that act? And once that messy individual makes that choice, including the presumed expenditure of money on the genuine replica jersey and black female blow-up doll, what manner of wastrel would cheer him on, either in person or online. And yet, here we have Reddit user AL0311, as well as a number of Twitter users and online commenters who find this hilarious. Thankfully, I’ve seen more scorn than support for this particular costume choice, and I’m taking this moment to add my voice to the chorus of disdain.

Pic via Reddit and extremely poor judgement.

What the fuck is wrong with you? The real Ray Rice lost his livelihood behind this incident but you think it makes for appropriate amusement? Domestic violence claims lives every day, but this is a fun costume for you? I certainly hope that whatever chuckles you and your homeboys/bro-skies derive from this exhibition were worth it. And, *sigh* I fear that they were, at least in your unenlightened minds. Full enlightenment is probably too much for anyone to hope for in your case, but I do dream of one moment of clarity for you, a moment in which you might see what we see; those of us with even a modicum of decency who search you for any and find you lacking. I wish for anyone considering this costume for next week when Halloween actually arrives to look at this and see your future as a particularly poor example of humanity.

As of this writing, Reddit user AL0311 has declined media requests for further contact, and the dingleberry in the pictures is as yet unidentified. Considering that he appears to be fair-skinned and/or Caucasian, I suppose we can be grateful that he didn’t go the full monty and do blackface …?

And if the best thing I can say about you is “at least you’re not in blackface,” you done messed up, son.

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