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7 Comments on "#TWIBu | Listen. Watch. Be Awesome."

  1. TWIB is a fucking ray of much needed sanity and I’ll always be grateful I found you guys. Been thinking for a long time that I don’t fit in on this planet but so much you say resonates with me. You’re helping to wake me back up. love you people.


  3. Caught you guys at Net Roots Nation in Phoenix. Thanks for the “Blackness” that you bring to the airwaves.

  4. I am all for #EarnThisDamnVoteOrLose but the polls now show that Hillary has a good chance to become our next president and that she already has the black vote. We gotta let black people know to not blindly vote for Hillary and hold their vote so she has to #EarnThisDamnVoteOrLose

  5. Latest podcast: super on point w/rt fake white allies. Allies need to be prepared to do two things on behalf the people they want to assist: suffer and fail. Without expectation of recognition or praise. Otherwise they’re not actually allies.

  6. It was a ray of black voices, but on Wednesday I saw the show and listen to the guy, I think its Elon James white; Stated he wasn’t going to vote for anything. At the point, I was done with him., You telling me brother, you that angry that you think you not voting will solve anything? Here’s what you’re not seeing..

    1) Its matters, Even if you don’t like Hillary, It matters a hell of a lot. Why? You want to beat TRUMP by a huge margin That tell People who think like Trump and his ideas “NO, we don’t want your kind of politics in our

    2) The Supreme Court – If you have been payng any attention, 2 potions in the Supreme Court are up for grabs.and if you were unhappy with the previous Supreme Court members why would you allow someone like a Trump to do it.. You think He’s going to feel your pain?

    3) I hate to use Germany and the jews as an example, but When Hilter was fighting for power, the jews did nothing and figured they could wait it out, as that too shall pass., Look what happen to them during that period.

    4) To do Nothing, to say well I’ll just hope for the best, I worest then jumping off a building yourself., Our great, great grand parents fought for the right for you to vote., our G G parents knew how important it was to stand for something to unite behind something then to isoliate yourself in a room hoping for the BEST. To do nothing, just gave any illusion of trying to be free back to the very people trying to keep you in bondage.. It takes time, to take a quote from a good movies., What do we get, you get to go home to your big house, but what do we get.,Anwer: I don’t know, But if you do nothing you get nothing…

    5) And my final though, You keep the devil you know, then work in people who can help change the system. If you think its going to change overnight, then you, live in a dream word..

    • Elon James White | August 18, 2016 at 11:05 pm |

      You…do realize I never said I’m not voting for anything. I said that my vote hadn’t been earned. I said that I would be voting locally but if the party that party that has actively sought my support and yet refuses to give a day 1 or first 100 day plan to deal wtih black death then I wasn’t going to support them. If you’re going to be upset about somethign I say, and I assure you there will be tons, this is not the hill to die on.

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