It turns out everyone’s favorite fabulous cougar may be a little racist. According to The Telegraph, three former backup dancers and a former choreographer have slapped the sassy senior citizen with lawsuits alleging racial and age discrimination after being dismissed from her tour.

Cher is alleged to have told her ex-choreographer Kevin Wilson that her hugely successful Dressed to Kill tour “had too much colour” after he told her there was a “minority female dancer” whom he wanted to cast.

She is then alleged to have told him to find a dancer who was white and blonde.

The stage show features the singer dancing a number of provocative routines with a line-up of highly toned back-up performers.

Seriously, this is like finding out Santa Claus is Dick Cheney. I don’t know how much more disappointment I can take. The woman who graced the world with “Half-Breed” complaining about there being too much melanin on stage?

Cher’s publicist and legal rep are saying that the charges are “ridiculous, absurd and categorically denied.” Given the recent spate of stars putting their feet in their mouths, I’d be pleasantly surprised if the allegations weren’t true.

If  I ever find out that Ian McKellen said something racist, I’m destroying the planet. Write that down.

Image courtesy David Carroll

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