The conversation around the toxicity of Twitter and the hordes of angry social justice warriors who will attack any one who doesn’t understand their secret lingo has become cartoonish. I see emails and posts through out social media warning of the impending doom when trying to be reasonable at the hands of #blacktwitter or another subgroup on the platform. In an attempt to shift the conversation I took to Twitter to attempt to give a different perspective. The following was my attempt at a deeper look into the supposed Twitter “mob” mentality.


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  1. theBenjaminDixonShow (@TheBpDShow)

    I don’t disagree with a word in this thread. The broader conversation of allies NEEDED what transpired this week. But still, I believe that its time to move forward and what happens next is more effectively affected by your voice. But, I can’t place my desires and expectations on you simply cause you have the platform and the stage. I can just hope.

    The best lessons were always learned after a good ass whoopin.


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