@amTWIB #124 | Dance Break

Coachella Valley High School

Yes Coachella Valley High School That IS Racist.

The Morning Crew once again attempts to function without Ljoy Williams by discussing the recent election (19:03), Coachella Valley High School’s problematic everything (38:47), an unarmed shooting victim get’s no justice (46:04), and a child predator of the worst kind (47:02).

Featuring: Ljoy Williams, Elon James White, Imani Gandy, and Aaron Rand Freeman.

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Elon James White
Elon James White is a writer, performer and CEO of This Week in Blackness Media LLC. White has been featured on MSNBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, HLN, and VH1. White is also lead anchor on #TWIBnation's flagship show TWiB! Prime. He also brunches harder than you.

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