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#TWIBprime #704 | Speechless

#TeamBlack discusses Rachel Dolezal. She is beyond problematic. We attempt to peel away the layers. Including the motives of those…

AfterDARK #57 | The Disappointment Episode

N’Jaila and Aaron need everyone to get their act together. Seriously. Featuring: N’Jaila Rhee @BlasianBytch Aaron Rand Freeman @ansfreeman Want to support TWiB? Shop at Amazon using this link: – Buy what you would normally buy and TWIB gets MONEY! Want more @twibDARK: SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Feed FOLLOW:Facebook |Twitter | [DONATE]

#TWIBprime #700 | Happy 700!

#TeamBlackness discusses Alabama being reasonable, New Jersey sewer fish!, warrants issued for people who cheered at Mississipi high school graduation, and the dastardly lunch lady who was fired for giving free luches to kids who couldn’t afford it. Featuring: Aaron Rand Freeman @ansfreeman Elon James White @elonjames Imani Gandy @angryblacklady Want to support TWiB? Shop at Amazon using this link: -…