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    #FERGUSON DISPATCH 5: Protestors And Looters Are Different

    On Friday Night in Ferguson the community celebrated the liberation from the police dept but after midnight reports rolled concerning a breakin at the Ferguson Market. #TWIBnation headed directly to the scene of the standoff. The following is the firs…

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    Welcome #TWIBnation! 8.9.14

    Hey folks! elcome to @TheTWIBularity – our premium podcast app. Only our #TWIBnation: All Access subscribers have access to our mobile app, which will be the easiest way to access all the awesome from This Week in Blackness. I can’t properly express my excitement about this time in #TWIBnation. We’re on the path to sustainability…

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  • @TWIBprime #536 | Daddy Doesn’t Care About Sports

    Not Even If You’re Good At Them. [BECOME A SUBSCRIBER OF #TWIBNATION AND LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE PLUS THE ENTIRE ARCHIVES] #TeamBlackness discusses the effects WOC-owned businesses are having on the economy, how difficult it is to maintain funding in ANY space, and why Elon won’t watch his child play baseball. Featuring: Elon James White…

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    @TWIBprime #535 |Your Face Looks Punchable…

    Behold the David Brat Era! [BECOME A SUBSCRIBER OF #TWIBNATION AND LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE PLUS THE ENTIRE ARCHIVES] #TeamBlackness doesn’t spend an hour laughing at Eric Cantor. Honest. There is a show. Featuring: Elon James White @elonjames Imani Gandy @angryblacklady and Aaron Rand Freeman @ansfreeman Want to support TWiB? Shop at Amazon using this…

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    GOP Condemn A Black Woman Over A Tweet: A Timeline | #StandWithJamilah

    The morning of Thursday March 27, 2014, Jamilah Lemieux was tweeting about Kobe Bryant’s latest comments in the New Yorker Magazine. In the middle of that discussion, she tweeted: About 15 minutes later, @BETpolitichick responded to Lemieux and included @orlandowatson @Raffiwilliams @hugheynewsome on the tweet. Lemieux responded: At this point, Raffi Williams joined the conversation…

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