Elon James White | This Week in Blackness
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    #FERGUSON DISPATCH 5: Protestors And Looters Are Different

    On Friday Night in Ferguson the community celebrated the liberation from the police dept but after midnight reports rolled concerning a breakin at the Ferguson Market. #TWIBnation headed directly to the scene of the standoff. The following is the firs…

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    Welcome #TWIBnation! 8.9.14

    Hey folks! elcome to @TheTWIBularity – our premium podcast app. Only our #TWIBnation: All Access subscribers have access to our mobile app, which will be the easiest way to access all the awesome from This Week in Blackness. I can’t properly express my excitement about this time in #TWIBnation. We’re on the path to sustainability…

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  • @TWIBprime #536 | Daddy Doesn’t Care About Sports

    Not Even If You’re Good At Them. [BECOME A SUBSCRIBER OF #TWIBNATION AND LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE PLUS THE ENTIRE ARCHIVES] #TeamBlackness discusses the effects WOC-owned businesses are having on the economy, how difficult it is to maintain funding in ANY space, and why Elon won’t watch his child play baseball. Featuring: Elon James White…

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    @TWIBprime #535 |Your Face Looks Punchable…

    Behold the David Brat Era! [BECOME A SUBSCRIBER OF #TWIBNATION AND LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE PLUS THE ENTIRE ARCHIVES] #TeamBlackness doesn’t spend an hour laughing at Eric Cantor. Honest. There is a show. Featuring: Elon James White @elonjames Imani Gandy @angryblacklady and Aaron Rand Freeman @ansfreeman Want to support TWiB? Shop at Amazon using this…

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    GOP Condemn A Black Woman Over A Tweet: A Timeline | #StandWithJamilah

    The morning of Thursday March 27, 2014, Jamilah Lemieux was tweeting about Kobe Bryant’s latest comments in the New Yorker Magazine. In the middle of that discussion, she tweeted: About 15 minutes later, @BETpolitichick responded to Lemieux and included @orlandowatson @Raffiwilliams @hugheynewsome on the tweet. Lemieux responded: At this point, Raffi Williams joined the conversation…

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    NY Times Explains Downside of Inciting Envy While Missing The Point

    I’m not sure what I’m expecting from the New York Times nowadays. When a newspaper asks whether they should point out lying politicians you probably shouldn’t really be surprised by anything after that. Some of the writing from the Times makes me wonder if the newsprint ink they’re using is actually liquified privilege. But let’s…

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