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  • garland
    Garland Jeffreys’ “The Rest of My Life Tour” Returns to Chicago

    Pausing between songs at his intimate, mostly acoustic November 6 show at SPACE in Evanston, Illinois, New York singer/songwriter Garland Jeffreys quipped, “So, we’re on this little tour … I call it ‘The Rest of My Life Tour’ ….” At 72 and still bringing down the house, you can’t begrudge him the hint of road-weariness…

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  • cubs
    There’s No Ex-Cub Factor in This Year’s World Series … Or Is There?

    Baseball is a game of absurd complexity and equally absurd superstition. It has nearly unfathomable regulations, like the infield fly rule or what constitutes a balk, and there are at least seven different ways for a batter to get on base other than by getting a hit. That is, if you count offensive interference and…

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  • Holder 2 Gay Flag
    Eric Holder and the March Toward Marriage Equality

    When Pres. Obama announced Attorney General Eric Holder’s pending retirement Thursday, our friends on the right seemed to lose their composure. The Cato Institute’s Ilya Shapiro posted an article on the organization’s website – which has since been removed – in which he compared Holder to noted segregationist George Wallace: “Holder, according to Shapiro’s column,…

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  • Bill Simmons
    Really, ESPN?

    So, let’s review. The First Amendment doesn’t restrict the activities of private organizations, including the employment practices of private organizations. That’s why it says “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.” Congress, not your employer. Which means that if you say something your employer doesn’t like, it can suspend you, with…

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  • 475653625_92853b7a87_o
    Crime and Forgiveness

    On our last episode of Sportsball, we discussed Mike Tyson’s awkward and extremely NSFW appearance on the Canadian television show, CP24 Dayside (video courtesy of The Majority Report with Sam Seder.) Tyson was in Toronto earlier this month to promote his stage show, and, while there, met with Rob Ford, that city’s controversial mayor. That…

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  • 14166244914_78ba84741d_b (1)
    No, You Can’t Use Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson to Defend Richie Incognito

    Comedian and social media gadfly Jim Norton is at it again. Norton, you may recall, famously defended former “Opie and Anthony” shock jock Anthony Cumia after Cumia went on a racist and sexist Twitter rant against an African American woman he claimed had hit him last July. Cumia’s employer, SiriusXM, fired him, which prompted Norton’s…

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  • Tillman
    What an NFL Hero Looks Like

    One of the saddest images to emerge in a NFL season that so far has been filled with horrible images was that of Charles Tillman, sitting on the sidelines of last night’s Bears-49ers game in newly minted Levi’s Stadium, tears streaming down his face. Tillman had just reinjured his right triceps, the same muscle he…

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  • Big Ben
    What About Ben?

    I didn’t watch the Steelers-Ravens game on Thursday Night Football, and it’s not because I’m already overdosing on the NFL … although, with the obscene proliferation of televised games this year, that’s not altogether out of the question. No, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch a game that could fairly be called the Super…

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  • Von Ebers
    I Hate You, Rick Neuheisel

    The year was 1983. I had graduated from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign the previous spring, and I still had my gaudy orange key ring that boldly if hilariously proclaimed: “The ’80s Belong To The Illini.” And, in fact, between the as-yet-unsanctioned football and basketball programs run by Mike White and Lou Henson, respectively,…

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  • A0 Ebers 3
    Death and Coincidences

    January 20, 1993, was a memorable day. It was the day of Bill Clinton’s first inauguration, and he was the first Democrat to win the presidency since Jimmy Carter’s ill-fated, single post-Watergate term in office. My parents, FDR-style Democrats who survived the Great Depression and fought World War II, had begun to think they wouldn’t…

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