#WeNerdHard Presents: Remember That Buffy #1 | S1E1 Creepy Giles is Creepy


First Episode of #RememberThatBuffy!

#BitterCynicalAdults team up with Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips to discuss all things Buffy, like how genuinely creepy Giles is to start the series.

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Featuring: Elon James White, Aaron Rand Freeman, Rodimus Prime, and N’Jaila Rhee.

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Aaron Rand Freeman
Aaron Rand Freeman is premiere straight man of #TWIBnation and host of Sportsball. Freeman has been featured on Viewpoint w/ John Fugelsang and is the editor of We Nerd Hard.

1 Comment on "#WeNerdHard Presents: Remember That Buffy #1 | S1E1 Creepy Giles is Creepy"

  1. I just started watching Buffy from the first episodes a couple of weeks ago. I am going through the whole series, so I can hopefully go through the whole show and enjoy your commentary along the way as I see the shows fresh. I agree with Elon that the first episode was about a 6 or maybe a little higher..

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