#TWiBprime Ep. 766 | Patti Pies and Hillary Cakes

TWR 766

#TeamBlackness #SkeletonCrew (Aaron Rand Freeman, Imani Gandy, and Jarrett Hill) discuss the terrorist acts across the world, the Democratic debate (loosely), Facebook (loosely), and Hillary Clinton’s twerking (unfortunately).

Featuring Jarrett Hill @jarretthill Imani Gandy @angryblacklady and Aaron Rand Freeman @ansfreeman

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Aaron Rand Freeman
Aaron Rand Freeman is premiere straight man of #TWIBnation and host of Sportsball. Freeman has been featured on Viewpoint w/ John Fugelsang and is the editor of We Nerd Hard.

1 Comment on "#TWiBprime Ep. 766 | Patti Pies and Hillary Cakes"

  1. Shootthatgagmywayace | November 18, 2015 at 12:09 am | Reply

    It’s a shame the Paris terror attacks took the spotlight off the pathetic movement of whiners at colleges across the country. Just 130 people died while someone got into there safe space. I’m sure whiny blacks and there perceived injustices far out weigh the pain of the family’s of victims in France. But in a good note Hillary used this tragedy to amend four years of tax returns and 20 million they forgot to claim. Opps.

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