TWiB! Prime Ep. 789 | They Mad

TWR 789

#TeamBlackness discusses the continuing anger towards Beyonce and Cam Newton, how Elon intends to manage his teenage kids, and how some Conservatives took issue with some Superbowl commercial commentary.

Featuring Elon James White @elonjames Imani Gandy @angryblacklady and Aaron Rand Freeman @ansfreeman

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About the Author

Aaron Rand Freeman
Aaron Rand Freeman is premiere straight man of #TWIBnation and host of Sportsball. Freeman has been featured on Viewpoint w/ John Fugelsang and is the editor of We Nerd Hard.

108 Comments on "TWiB! Prime Ep. 789 | They Mad"

  1. Kinaya C. Sokoya, EdD | February 10, 2016 at 6:31 am | Reply

    How dare White pundits denigrate Black icons. They may not like the Panthers or Malcolm X but their endorsement or lack thereof is not needed. They are BLACK icons and the Black community will determine if they were a positive or negative force in our community. The lies about the Black Panther Party continue. They were not anti-White. In fact, There were White people who were members of the Black Panther Party. They were anti-police brutality and believed in the 2nd amendment – the right to bear arms – remember that.

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